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Speech-Language Pathology Praxis Preparation

Want Speech-Language Praxis preparation customized just for you?

    Most courses review graduate work only. We offer review and much, much more. Choose your package.

Do you get some questions wrong but don't know why?

    Test-taking skills focus on types of Praxis questions and explain how they're different from classroom exams. 

Practice makes perfect

    Unlimited access exam provides answers and explanations. Assess strengths, weaknesses and overall preparedness.

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Review of 18 undergraduate and graduate courses with 10-point quizzes and printable lecture notes:  Linguistics; Language Acquisition; Phonetics; Articulation Disorders; Anatomy/ Neuro-anatomy; Aphasia; Traumatic Brain Injury; Swallowing Disorders; Motor Speech Disorders; Language Disorders; Voice Disorders; Stuttering; Clinical Methods; Differential Diagnosis; AAC; Audiology; Research; Multicultural Awareness. 


13 narrated modules for improving test-taking skills; plus printable scripts, Frequently Asked Questions and accompanying readings. Modules address Multiple Choice Questions; Cognitive Abilities; Reasoning Skills; General Strategy; Timing; Myths & Facts; Reading Speed; and Test Anxiety. 


Test experts recommend repeated practice. Our full-length  2-1/2 hour Praxis simulation is comprised of 132 Praxis-type questions with immediate scoring and explanations for right and wrong answers. Repeated access lets you watch your scores improve while practicing the test-taking skills. Built-in timer monitors your progress. Skip difficult questions and return before final submission. 

TEXTBOOK (PDF Available for Download)

Preparation for the Praxis in Speech-Language Pathology by Kay T. Payne [2018] to accompany Test-taking Skills modules. More than 200 pages on Studying, Misconceptions & Facts, Cognitive Abilities, Reasoning Skills, Reading Comprehension, Mental Preparation, Test-taking Strategy, Time Utilization and Guessing Strategies. Plus demonstrative examples of Praxis type questions and exercises to assess study habits, test anxiety, reading speed and comprehension.  


Written chapters from Preparation for the Praxis in Speech-Language Pathology [Kay T. Payne, 2018] to accompany Test-taking Skills modules included at no additional cost.


Tools for self assessment of study skills, test anxiety, overall preparedness and knowledge of myths and facts included at no additional cost.


Pre-recorded summaries of chapters from Preparation for the Praxis in Speech-Language Pathology [Kay T. Payne, 2018] to accompany Test-taking Skills modules included at no additional cost.

Choose from Our SLP Praxis Course Packages

If you’re looking for SLP Praxis course packages that fit your preparation needs, look no further than our options. We’re proud to offer a wide range of packages that allow you to study an in-depth review of each component. With our assistance, you’ll be thoroughly prepared for your speech-language pathology assessment.


There are five packages to choose from, each with different levels of information coverage and prices. We strive to make these courses as accessible as possible, which is why we offer our services at a cost you can afford. Purchase one of our online Praxis preparation courses to begin using a superior training program.   

Packages & Pricing   

                                       Choose from one of our many package options below:

  • Package 1: Full Course - $395 - 60 Days; Course Reviews, Test-taking Skills, Practice Test, Readings, Podcasts
  • Package 2: Short Course - $295 - 30 Days; Course Reviews, Test-taking Skills, Practice Test, Readings, Podcasts
  • Package 3: Review - $195 - 30 Days; Course Reviews
  • Package 4: Improving Test Skills - $95 - 15 Days; Test-Taking Skills for Praxis SLP
  • Package 5: PDF Download - $39 - Complete text of Preparation for the Praxis in Speech-Language Pathology [Payne, 2018] at $40 off publisher's price    

Our goal is to ensure you are completely prepared through our SLP Praxis course packages. Please contact us with any questions you have and to find more pricing information. We also offer site licenses to groups of 10 or more people.    




Professor Kay T Payne is a scholar and pioneer in regard to the Speech-Language Pathology Praxis. She is the author of Preparation for the Praxis in Speech-Language Pathology. A highly sought presenter for test preparation workshops, her online materials and courses have assisted Praxis test-takers for three decades. Dr. Payne's contributions and achievements are endorsed by granting agencies, publishers, professional organizations and universities, and appreciated by hundreds of successful test takers. On the impact of her contributions she received the highest Honors of ASHA in 2016.


60 Days

Course Reviews
Test-taking Skills  
Practice Test




Course Reviews
Test-taking Skills 
Practice Test



30 Days

Course Reviews



15 Days

Test-taking Skills



PDF Download

Preparation for the Praxis in Speech-Language Pathology



Site licenses are available for groups of 10 or more. Please contact us for a quote.


“I would like to express how much we enjoyed your course. Your insights were very helpful and our students were grateful for the precision of your information.”

Dr. Sandra M.

"It gave me insight on my own strengths and weaknesses enabling me to study more efficiently. The course provided me with the knowledge and confidence to take the Praxis and pass it on the first try." 

Ivonna S. 

“Not only did I feel more confident going into the test, I was able to use the skills immediately. I also wanted to let you know I just passed PRAXIS this past weekend using those same strategies along the way.”

Aurora B

"The course showed me test taking strategies that were very helpful, and provided sample practice questions. All in all, I would recommend this course to anyone preparing to take the Praxis."

Bridgett S.

“My students greatly benefited from your online course. We also had a student who previously failed several times and finally passed after taking your course. Thank you!"

Dr. Miriam B.

"I typically don't write reviews, but I just received my official Praxis score and I passed!! The course was so informative as it provides information about the Praxis that goes beyond content material. Incorporating this into my study routine allowed me to mentally prepare and relieve my test anxiety (which is a big deal for me)!!"

Yvette C.



Available online since 2015, the SLP Praxis Course is an actual student-tested course that has assisted individuals worldwide in passing the speech-language pathology Praxis. Based on empirical research, the course was developed in a University setting by scholars and professors and refined over more than 20 years. It has been widely used by individual test-takers, as well as university training programs. Professor (Emerita) Kay T. Payne is world renowned as the leading scholar and innovator in improving performance on the SLP Praxis.


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